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Hmotné pozůstatky nalezené M'Clintockovou výpravou

From Franklinova expedice

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Zde naleznete (v budoucnu – pracuje se) seznam předmětů vztahujících se k Franklinově výpravě, které v roce 1859 nalezla expedice vedená kapitánem Francise L. M'Clintockockem na Ostrově krále Viléma. Seznam pochází z dodatku knihy The voyage of the "Fox" in Arctic seas: a narrative of the discovery of the fate of Sir John Franklin and his companions‎ a je mírně upraven či doplněn dle článku RELICS OF THE FRANKLIN EXPEDITION z The Sydney Morning Herald z 27. prosince 1859, strana 8. Tento článek přetiskuje seznam nálezů publikovaný v the Illustrated London News 1. října 1859. Seznamy v knize a článku jsou prakticky shodné, ovšem seznam v článku je místy podrobnější. Doplňky (z článku oproti knize) jsou zpravidla uvedeny na začátku odstavce kurzívou v závorkách, občas i v textu kurzívou, a týkají se zpravidla stavu nálezů - např. (Tied together.).

Seznam je (a asi dlouho zůstane) jen v angličtině, což se může zdát zbytečné duplikování části volně dostupné knihy. Nicméně zkontrolovaná textová verze této knihy není, pokud vím, nikde k dispozici. Existují volně dostupná "obrázková" PDF a jiné formáty, nicméně textové verze vzniklé pomocí OCR vždy obsahují větší či menší množství "překlepů".

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Relics of the Franklin expedition / Pozůstatky Franklinovy expedice

Relics brought from the boat found in lat. 69° 08' 43'' N., long. 99° 24' 42'' W., upon the West Coast of King William Island, May 30, 1859:- / Pozůstatky z člunu nalezeného na 69° 08' 43' s. š., 99° 24' 42'' z. d., na západním pobřeží Ostrova krále Viléma, 30. května 1859:-

Místo nálezu člunu podle udaných souřadnic na Google Maps

Two double-barrelled guns-one barrel in each is loaded. Found standing up against the side in the afterpart of the boat.

(In one parcel.) A small Prayer-book; cover of a small book of 'Family Prayers'; 'Christian Melodies,' an inscription within the cover to "G. G." (Graham Gore?); "Vicar of Wakefield;" a small bible, interlined in many places, and with numerous references written in the margin; a New Testament in the French language.

(Tied together.) Two table-knives with white handles - one is marked "W. R.;" a gimlet; an awl; two iron stanchions, 9 inches long, for supporting a weather-cloth, which was round the boat.

(Tied together.) 26 pieces of silver-plate - 11 spoons, 11 forks, and 4 teaspoons; three pieces of thin elm-board (tingles) for repairing the boat, and measuring 11 inches by 6 inches, and 3-10ths inch thick.

(All wrapped up in a piece of canvas.) Bristles for shoemaker's use, bullets, short clay-pipe, roll of waxed twine, a wooden button, a small piece of a port-fire, two charges of shot tied up in the finger of a kid glove, fragment of a seaman's blue serge frock. Covers of a small Testament and Prayer Book, part of a glass cigar case, fragments of a silk handkerchief, thread-case, piece of scented soap, three shot charges in kid-glove fingers, a belted bullet (tied together in a piece of silk pockethandkerchief); two pair of goggles, made of stout leather, and wire-gauze instead of glass; a sailmaker's palm, two small brass pocket-compasses, a snooding line rolled up on a piece of leather, a needle and thread case, a bayonet scabbard altered into a sheath for a knife, tin water bottle for the pocket, two shot pouches (full of shot).

(In canvas.) Three spring hooks of sword belts, a gold lace band, a piece of thin gold twist or cord, a pair of leather goggles with crape instead of glass; a small green crape veil.

(Wrapped together in canvas.) Two small packets of blank cartridge in green paper, part of a cherry-stick pipe-stem, piece of a port-fire, a few copper nails, a leather bootlace, a seaman's clasp knife, two small glass stoppered bottles (full) placed in medicine chest, three glasses of spectacles, part of a broken pair of silver spectacles, German silver pencil-case, a pair of silver (?) forceps, such as a naturalist might use for holding or seizing small insects, etc.; a small pair of scissors rolled up in blank paper, and to which adheres a printed government paper, such as an officer's warrant or appointment; a spring hook of a sword belt, and a brass charger for holding two charges of shot.

(Wrapped together in canvas.) A small bead purse, piece of red sealing-wax, stopper of a pocket flask, German silver top and ring, brass match-box, one of the glasses of a telescope, a small tin cylinder, probably made to hold lucifer matches (some of the loose grains of shot have been put into it), a linen bag of percussion caps of three sizes, a very large and old-fashioned kind, stamped "Smith's patent;" a cap with a flange similar to the present musket caps used by Government, but smaller; and ordinary sporting caps of the smallest size.

Five watches(, in a paper packet.)

A pair of blue glass spectacles, or goggles, with steel frame, and wire gauze encircling the glasses, in a tin case.

A pemmican-tin, painted led colour, and marked "E." (Erebus) in black. From its size it must have contained 20lb or 22lb.

Two yellow glass beads, a glass seal with symbol of Freemasonry.

A 4-inch block strapped, with copper hook and thimble, probably for the boat's sheet.

Relics seen in latitude 69° 09' N., long. 99° 24' W., not brought away, May 30, 1859:-/Pozůstatky spatřené na 69° 09' s. š., 99° 24'' z. d., ponechané na místě, 30. května 1859:-

A large boat, measuring 28 ft. in extreme length, 7 ft. 3 in. in breadth, and 2 ft. 4 in. in depth. The markings on her stern were - "XXII. W. Con. N 61., APr. 184." It appears that the fore part of the stem has been cut away, probably to reduce weight, and part of the letters and figures removed. An oak sledge under the boat, 23 ft. 4 in. long, and 2 ft. wide; six paddles, about 60 fathoms of deep-sea lead line, ammunition, 4 cakes of navy chocolate, shoemaker's box with implements complete, small quantities of tobacco, a small pair of very stout shooting boots, a pair of very heavy iron-shod knee boots, carpet boots, sea boots and shoes - in all seven or eight pairs; two rolls of sheet lead, elm tingles for repairing the boat, nails of various sizes for boat, and sledge irons; three small axes, a broken saw, leather cover of a sextant case, a chain-cable punch, silk handkerchiefs (black, white, and coloured), towels, sponge, tooth-brush, hair comb, a mackintosh, gun cover (marked in paint " A. 12"), twine, files, knives, a small worsted-work slipper, lined with calfskin, bound with red ribbon; a great quantity of clothing, and a wolf-skin robe; part of a boat's sail of No. 8 canvas, whale-line rope with yellow mark, and white line with red mark; 24 iron stanchion, 9 1/2 inches high, for supporting a weather-cloth round the boat, a stanchion for supporting a ridge pole at a height of 3 ft. 9 inches above the gunwale.

(to be continued...)

Contents of Boat's Medicine Chest:

One bottle labelled as zinzib. R. pulv., full; ditto, spirit, rect., empty; ditto, mur. hydrarg. seven-eighths full; ditto, ol. caryphyll., one-fifth full; ditto, ipec. P. co., full; ditto, ol. menth. pip., empty; ditto, liq. ammon. fort., three-quarters full; ditto, ol. olivac, full; ditto, tinct. opii. camph., three-quarters full; ditto, vin. sem. colch., full; ditto, quarter full; ditto, calomel, full (broken); ditto, hydrarg. hit. oxyd., full; ditto, pulv. gregor, full (broken); ditto, magnes. carb., full; ditto, camphor, full; two bottles tinc. tolut., each quarter full; one bottle ipec. R. pulv., full; ditto, jalap R. pulv., full; ditto, scammon. pulv., full; ditto, quinac bisulph. empty; ditto (not labelled), tinct. opii., three-quarters full; one box (apparently) purgative pills, full; ditto, ointment, shrunk; ditto, emp. adhesiv., full; one probang, one pen wrapped up in lint, one lead pencil, one pewter syringe, two small tubes (test) wrapped up in lint, one farthing, bandages, oil silk, lint, thread.